This is version 0.9 of FONnector.

To use it you need a java installation which accepts the FON SSL certificates (any 1.4 or 1.5
version should do, 1.3 may need some tweaking).


0) Make sure that you have a Java Virtual Machine installed.
1) Download FONnector.jar.
2) On Windows/MacOS doubleclick FONnector.jar to get the GUI version.


In a shell or cmd.exe type:

java -jar FONnector.jar your@email yourpassword

If you get an error indicating an SSL handshake error, download the file fon.cacerts and start
the application like this:

java -jar FONnector.jar your@email yourpassword

Enjoy, Joachim

PS: Yes, I know setting the trustStore is a pain, I could do this programmaticly - but that would break
compatibility with JDK1.3. I REALLY think, that FON should use a "standard" certificate authority instead.

0.1 first public release
0.2 adapted to new login page
 - adapted to new FON login page (contains the redirect URL as a "script")
 - added error message when login fails
 - added confirmation for successfull login
 - allowed old and new FON login page (familly&friends uses old style)
 - retry connecting to the internet for 1 min on startup
 - added cmdline options -encode and -decode for login security check
 - User-Agent FONnector/0.5
 - connection check URL now
 - added cmdline option -logout
 - added cmdline option -help
 - fixed error reporting successfull login with family+friends
 - added a minimal AWT based GUI
 - added auto login (after startup and wake from sleep) in GUI mode
 - added cmdline option -gui
 - default mode (no parameters) is now GUI mode
 - added refined GUI designed by Kyros Hariri (kyros (et)
 - added iSaSiLk support for mobile devices
     get JCA/JCE + iSaSiLk packages from
     add iaik_jce.jar, iaik_ssl.jar, w3c_http.jar to java classpath
 - handle new FON login page using (finally!) proper redirection

(c) 2006 Joachim Buechse, joachim (et) (free for non-commercial use)
(c) Design 2006 Kyros Hariri, kyros (et) (free for non-commecial use)
(c) FON Logo 2006 FON,