HOWTO: reset/change mediawiki password in mysql

If you are administrating a MediaWiki you will certainly run into the situation where you need to change a (forgotten) user password.

This howto assumes that you try to change the password on the DB because you know SQL and the mysql command line utility.


We'll connect to the DB, on a command line use:

mysql mediawiki -u root -p

Lets have a quick look at the DB structure and the existing users

SHOW tables;
SELECT user_id, user_name, user_password FROM user;
As you can see, mediawiki does not store plain text passwords. However the encoding is pretty simple. It uses an MD5 hash over the (numeric) user_id and the plain text password.


Lets change the password of user 14 to thenewpassword

UPDATE user SET user_password=md5(concat(14,'-',md5('thenewpassword'))) where user_id=14;

(c) joachim(et) This description is in the public domain.