HOWTO: use QualityCenter 10 on Windows 8 (or 7) with IE10

HP QualityCenter is normally run through InternetExplorer (as it doesn't work in any other browser). However if you are using a recent version of IE, your (not completely recent) HP QC installation may simply refuse to work.

This howto assumes that you have admin privileges on your PC and that you know how to use a cmd.exe.

INSTAL QCExplorer (i.e. QC standalone):

QualityCenter can be run in an IE independent window using QC Explorer. Go to

and click Download Add-in. Wait for the download to finish (it's a 70MB installer), then run the installer.

This will install the folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Quality Center Client Side\

RUN QC standalone:

The client side installer does not create shortcut or Start menu entries. So you will need to do that yourself. Also most users have problems unless they run QCExplorer as adminstrator.

If you get a warning that capicom.dll is missing, go to the next section.

INSTALL capicom.dll:

If QCExplorer complains about missing capicom.dll then

Now quit and restart QCExplorer and try to access the server again (this SHOULD work without a reboot).

(c) joachim(et) This description is in the public domain.
(tm) QualityCenter is a trademark of Hewlet Packard.